Intensive Driving Lessons in Ilford
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At Diamond Drive Intensive we strive to achieve a high level of service for all our clients in Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

Crash Driving course's
Each day of each Intensive Driving course includes 4 hours tuition and a 1/2 hour break, everybody needs a rest. You start on the first day of your course and have your practical test on the final day.
Course's 2 to 8 Days
Courses range from 2 to 8 days see intensive course information and course prices below.
If you are local to us or can travel then we recommend an assessment lesson where the instructor can guide you towards the correct Intensive Driving course for you. This is highly recommended because you do not want to spend more money than is necessary.
All our Intensive Driving courses are designed for different levels of learner drivers and the explanations below will guide you through the courses available
Intensive course prices
2 day course - £270.00 For somebody who has very recently failed a driving test
3 day course - £405.00 For somebody with a lot of driving experience *
4 day course - £540.00 For somebody who has previous driving experience, for example 20 hours or more with an instructor
5 day course - £673.00 For someone who has had ten lessons or more with and instructor
6 day course - £810.00 For someone who has had ten lessons but is still a little unsure or nervous
7 day course - £945.00 For a confident person with little driving experience
8 day course - £1080.00 For a complete novice with no driving experience at all
All Intensive Driving Courses require a £108.00 deposit
(£62.00 Test Fee not included in course price)

Add £10 per Day for Automatic

* This experience may have been with or without a driving instructor.
. . All the above are examples, everybody is different and develop skills at different paces.

Please call 01708 509798 or alternatively e-mail us for advice

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